Towards a Sustainable Future

Nelson Jewellery is deeply rooted in our philosophy of win-win scenarios for all stakeholders. From our suppliers to customers, our society to the environment, we share the same commitment to bring sustainable solutions to the entire value chain. Our strategy is rooted in three pillars: Environmental, Social, and Governance.


Climate change is already displacing families and altering natural ecosystems worldwide. As a manufacturer and wholesaler, our footprint plays an important role in the global supply chain. That is why we aim to do business in a respectful and environmentally responsible manner.

As an enterprise with global operations, Nelson Jewellery believes in its responsibilities to care for our society and environment for current and future generations.  Our commitment to bettering our environmental footprint is part of our daily activities.

Environmental friendly green ethical sourcing sustainability
  • Save and reduce waste of energy in offices and factory. By using more efficient lightings, increase air conditioner efficiency, better ventilation etc.
  • Recycle wastes and promote recycling
  • Reduce pollutants in wastewaters in factory and suppliers
  • Partially reuse captured rain water
  • Planting trees and vegetations at factory
  • Explore better renewable energy sources
  • Certified member of Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)
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Nelson Jewellery is committed to making a positive impact on communities where we operate.  It is in our belief that collaborative efforts will make the society a better place. We are constantly looking at improving communities we are in, evident to what we have done so far.

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  • Donate and help build a few dozen affordable housings and schools for local farmers / villagers in PRC
  • Finance and support local community for higher education
  • Actively work with Hong Kong vocational societies for providing intern and working opportunities
  • Purchase gold and precious metals from certified (i.e. LBMA) refiners
  • Diamonds and gemstones sourced from qualified producers  that adhere to Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) or other business sustainable practices
  • Audited for amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)
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At the heart of Nelson Jewellery’s corporate strategy is the objective to enhance long-term sustainable value for all its stakeholders. We have adopted an employee driven feedback methodology for improving our factory and office environment.

By including environmental and social risk assessments into our operation committee, we have adopted a top-down and bottom up approach to manage sustainability risks. We conduct bi-annually internal evaluations in identifying emerging matters of compliance and establish appropriate policies.

Our internal committees focus on assessing emerging sustainability trends and consider how we can use the company’s business operation to add value to the environment and community. In particular we focus on the following issues.

  • Offer customers sustainable products and invest in innovation
  • Enhance our work place environment and evaluate how we can positively contribute to our communities
  • Take climate change into financial considerations and look at methods to operate sustainably
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