Enhancer - Nelson

for bridal

Stone Type
Center Stone
Side Stone
Product Features
Metal Tone
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  1. R13-025214
    0.04ct Sapphire (2pcs) 0.33ct Diamond (6pcs)
  2. R13-025850
    0.47ct Diamond (20pcs)
  3. R13-026011
    0.50ct Diamond (20pcs) (0.18gm)
  4. R13-026014
    0.38ct Diamond (12pcs) (0.14gm)
  5. R13-026297
    0.33ct Diamond (8pcs)
  6. R13-027277
    0.31ct Diamond (14pcs)
  7. R14-025258
    1.00ct Diamond (38pcs)
  8. R14-027184
    0.38ct Diamond (26pcs)
  9. R14-029689
    0.49ct Diamond (10pcs)
  10. R14-035422
    0.57ct Diamond (48pcs) (0.23gm)
  11. R14-038231
    0.5ct Diamond (40pcs) (0.19gm)
  12. R14-104846
    0.11ct Diamond (24pcs)
  13. R14-104847
    0.24ct Diamond (52pcs)
  14. R14-104848
    0.17ct Diamond (28pcs)
  15. R14-114619
    0.50ct Diamond (22pcs)
  16. R14-118330
    0.32ct Diamond (32pcs)
  17. R14-120266
    0.25ct Diamond (38pcs)
  18. R14-121735
    0.51ct Diamond (58pcs)
  19. R33-025850
    0.25ct Sapphire (8pcs) 0.29ct Diamond (12pcs)
  20. R33-122322
    0.08ct Sapphire (4pcs) 0.09 Diamond (6pcs)
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