Anniversary - Nelson

for bridal

Stone Type
Center Stone
Side Stone
Product Features
Metal Tone
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  1. R22-088332
    1.61ct Diamond (5pcs)
  2. R32-028056
    0.62ct Emerald (3pcs) 0.36ct Diamond (2pcs)
  3. R32-028272
    0.36ct Emerald (3pcs) 0.19ct Diamond (2pcs)
  4. R32-032955
    0.52ct Emerald (5pcs) 0.40ct Diamond (4pcs)
  5. R32-033388
    0.34ct Ruby (10pcs) 0.07ct Diamond (8pcs)
  6. R32-037206
    0.46ct Ruby (5pcs) 0.28ct Diamond (50pcs)
  7. R32-092970
    0.76ct Ruby (1pcs) 1.54ct Ruby (2pcs) 0.87ct Diamond (26pcs)
  8. R32-118138
    0.26ct Sapphire (6pcs) 0.20ct Diamond (6pcs)
  9. R32-118139
    0.20ct Sapphire (5pcs) 0.25ct Diamond (34pcs)
  10. R32-118963
    0.64ct Ruby (11pcs)
  11. R32-118964
    1.04ct Ruby (39pcs)
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