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  1. F11-143513
    5.47ct Diamond (419pcs)
  2. F31-122638
    1.46ct Aquamarine (6pcs)2.12ct Diamond (27pcs)
  3. F31-138720
    0.83ct Diamond (134pcs)4.15ct Onyx (10pcs)14.91ct Tsavorite (19pcs)
  4. F31-139407
    0.11ct Diamond (20pcs)0.06ct Ruby (2pcs)10.26ct Tourmaline (5pcs)
  5. F31-140991
    3.30ct Diamond (386pcs)18.13ct Tourmaline (8pcs)
  6. F31-142613
    0.24ct Diamond (32pcs)0.04ct Ruby (1pcs)61.80ct Sapphire (126pcs)
  7. F31-143751
    0.14ct Diamond (21pcs)2.57ct Sapphire (3pcs)14.15ct Tourmaline (9pcs)
  8. F41-144179
    47.50ct Cultured Pearl (3pcs)0.10ct Diamond (18pcs)0.10ct Ruby (6pcs)
  9. F61-108167
    0.06ct Diamond (10pcs)
  10. F61-108168
    0.19ct Diamond (31pcs)
  11. F61-125953
    1.03ct Diamond (113pcs)1pcs
  12. F61-138498
    0.59ct Diamond (104pcs)12.45ct Jade (18pcs)0.12ct Ruby (1pcs)2.81ct Sapphire (52pcs)
  13. F61-141553
    0.04ct Diamond (7pcs)8.90ct Jade (25pcs)
  14. F61-143392
    1.06ct Diamond (82pcs)5.30ct Jade (21pcs)
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