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Est. 1980

Founded in a 50 sq. ft. office with less than a thousand dollars to spare, Nelson Jewellery was born from the inspiration of creating the world’s finest jewellery. Our humble origins gave way to our belief that business should be a win win deal, and our customers should always be delighted. Three decades have passed since and we now have offices around the globe but our goal remains steadfast in perfecting the art of fine jewellery.

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Mission and Vision

The Art of Fine Jewellery

As one of the leading international fine jewellery manufacturers, we believe trust and building value for our customers as the basis of our business. By vertically integrating sourcing, cutting diamonds and jewellery manufacturing, we continuously strive to provide remarkable products reliably to our customers. A brilliant gemstone deserves a fine piece of jewellery and we have been committed in producing the best quality for our customers since the beginning.



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Excellence and Innovation

Committed to Product Innovation and Excellence

Nelson Jewellery has been on the frontier of jewellery manufacturing since its inception. With patents in cuttings and manufacturing processes, our team has relentlessly aim to perfect a durable and remarkably well made piece of fine jewellery. With decades of manufacturing expertise along with world class craftsmanship, Nelson Jewellery is committed in providing our customers and business partners sensational products and services.